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Best Time to Visit Alaska


If you’re going to do any traveling, you might never have thought the best time to visit Alaska is now. Alaska boasts incredible sights you might never see in America, and amazingly it’s actually a U.S. State! Often regarded as The Last Frontier, and is one of the few places left where raw nature is a sight to behold. If you’re adventurous and looking for the experience of a lifetime then let’s find out more about why Alaska should be on your bucket list.

Is Alaska an expensive trip?

It often depends on what kind of trip you are planning to take if you decide to visit Alaska. On average, you can expect that a single person will spend roughly $1,500 for a total of 7 days. It’s not uncommon that you can do this (on the cheap) using Airbnbs and economy accommodation which will cost under $175 per day. You will need to consider the kind of transportation needed when you get there and also how you get to Alaska.

Because Alaska can be very severe in the winter, traveling there for the summer will provide better results for getting around likewise. Since Alaska is such a large state, you’re better off contacting local experts for guided tours who know the territory better. This can add to the cost of visiting unless you do plenty of research beforehand for what you want to see. Meals aren’t especially expensive and will run a maximum of $60 per day at most.

The best advice is to pick a central location where you plan to do most of your traveling and sightseeing within a specific area. There are so many individual sights all over Alaska, so it will be essential to find one or two locations that allow you to see as many as possible without needing to travel far to see them all.

Do I need a passport to visit Alaska?

If you’re already a US citizen, there is absolutely no need to present a passport when entering Alaska. At best, all you need is your standard ID that’s issued from the US State where you reside. There is another angle to this that many people might forget is essential. If you’re traveling through certain states that are taking a ferry or cruise ship that happens to pass through Canadian territory, you should certainly bring a passport.

If you travel directly into Canada by plane from the US there is also no need to show a passport, unless you are a non-citizen. In that case, you may need additional travel documents to bring with you.

What is the best way to get to Alaska?

For most people, the fastest and most convenient way to get into Alaska is by flying. Many airline services can take you to Alaska through commercial flights. These include United Airlines, American Airlines, and Delta. You can also check Alaska Airlines which is a dedicated flight path from every major US city. If ticket prices are exceptionally expensive, there is another solution that many travelers might consider instead.

Many single travelers have found that it’s possible to backpack their way through Alaska and take a ferry from Oregon. There is a similar service from Washington State too that will ferry you to Alaska on a similar path. The nice thing about the ferry service is that you can take your own vehicle and stay on the ferry for a few relaxing days and nights to get to your desired Alaskan port. The best time to visit Alaska by ferry is during the spring and summer.

What’s the cheapest time to visit Alaska?

Every tourist destination is always going to be more expensive in the summer, so Alaska is obviously cashing in on good weather. If you’re looking for the lowest rates that are slightly off-season (but not terribly too cold) then you should choose June 15 through August 15. The off-season rates will be much better and not as much as the midsummer season would cost. The cheapest time is during the early winter which starts from the beginning of November through early December.

If you aren’t a big fan of snow, you should know that the Alaskan winter starts from October to April. July is the warmest month in Alaska, which happens to fall into the peak months for tourist season. Suppose you aren’t staying at fancy hotels and have booked cheaper motels. In that case, the summer season can be cheap if you don’t add luxury accommodations.

How long is the Ferry ride from Seattle to Alaska?

All ferry services from Seattle and Washington State will take approximately 3 days to reach the closest Alaskan port. It takes 9-11 days to reach Anchorage, so It’s not the cheapest form of travel because you need to book a cabin on the ferry so you can sleep at night. It’s similar to a mini cruise ship and has many amenities that are stripped-down versions of what a cheap cruise ship would offer.

There are cafeterias and places to drink and watch films. There are even areas for kids too but to be honest this is just not a kid-friendly way to travel. The advantage of these ferry services is bringing a vehicle or RV that is driven onto the ferry and stored in the ship’s hull. This service is a little tricky as the ferry service only runs from May through September. If you book the service the cost difference will be affected as well, so it’s best to book any ferry service in advance for the best price.

Where can I see the Northern Lights in Alaska?

To get the very best views of the Northern Lights, you will need to travel to Fairbanks, Alaska. If you are in Anchorage, it is still possible to see the lights if you travel on guided tours that go far outside the city where the city lights aren’t washing them out. Fairbanks is farther north of Anchorage by about 360 miles and takes a 6-hour drive by car. Now you should also know that the best months for seeing these lights start from mid-August through April.

This is because the night skies will be dark enough because of the changing seasons. The only downside is that bad weather, fog, or snow can make it harder to see these amazing lights. The best chances of seeing these lights start around 10pm at night and last until 2am, and clear cloud-free skies are always an advantage in your favor. No matter the best time to visit Alaska to see the Northern Lights also depends on a bit of luck and a secluded area to see them.

What is the number 1 attraction in Alaska?

The biggest attraction about Alaska is the raw and well-preserved nature that can be found in the bigger national parks. One of the most famous for anyone visiting is Denali National Park. It’s the third-largest National Park in all of Alaska but boasts the highest mountain ranges you can see among the three. Its diverse landscape offers sights of wilderness that cover over 6 million acres!

You can witness the amazing beauty of ice-draped glaciers on the mountains, incredible rivers, stretching valleys and tundras, and the untamed beasts that live there. This is a hotspot to see grizzly bears, wolves, reindeer, and elk, in addition to over 167 species of birds and various animals. Once in the park, you can enjoy extra perks such as sled dog tours that take you into more exciting areas to see views of Mt. McKinley and more.