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Best Things to do in New Jersey for Couples

New Jersey

No matter if you’re a new couple or have been together for years, couples need weekend getaways and day-tripping moments to keep things fresh and fun. When it comes to the best things to do in New Jersey for couples, there are obvious choices. If you’re looking for something with substance and a bit of adventure, you can’t beat these ideas that can put more sparks in your relationship with the best things to do in New Jersey for couples.

Sights and sounds

When getting out to any big venue, any couple needs plenty of variety and multiple choices for activities that they can both enjoy. What better way to take advantage of New Jersey hotspots than these suggestions.

Caesars Atlantic City

Aside from the gambling floors that aren’t always appealing to most people, there are plenty of other options at Caesars that are clustered within walking distance. There are 24 attractions located around Caesars ranging from Boardwalk Hall, local shows and performances, and the Steel Pier. Likewise, there are 38 restaurants including the famous Morton’s Steakhouse and Nero’s Tuscan Steakhouse. Join Viewcation to explore the best things to do in New Jersey.

Atlantic City Boardwalk

Most couples may not know there are 6 miles of boardwalk that are great places to explore and enjoy. Forget visiting pricy souvenir shops and tourist traps and check out the Absecon Lighthouse, the Steel Pier, and the Lucky Snake Arcade. Keep in mind the seasonal crowds in the summer will be heavier than in spring and fall, which is always better when planning a trip to Atlantic City.

Six Flags Great Adventure

When was the last time you visited a fun park that brings back all of those feeling that remind you what adventure is all about? And though Six Flags New Jersey has seen better days, it still features 100 rides, shows, and special events. There are several themed areas that separate sections of the park and include Fantasy Forest and Movietown. Summer is a good time to visit but avoid colder months in winter and early spring. Join Viewcation to explore the best things to do in New Jersey.

Secluded and serene

Sometimes it’s just nice to find a secluded area that brings around romantic thoughts combined with serene elements from nature. They say that romance is always in the air and you can find plenty of it from these thoughtful choices. Join Viewcation to explore the best things to do in New Jersey.

Cape May Lighthouse

Lighthouses are seen as a beacon of hope and this fully-restored and functional lighthouse from 1859 is a great place to visit. You can even climb the 199 steps to the top for a bird’s eye view of the bay. It’s also a great place for walking trails, a nature center, and romantic sunsets at the beach. It’s also excellent for bird watching and hikers but is a choice spot for beachside picnics and romantic weekends.

Wildwood Beach

When they talk about the Jersey Shore they were likely talking about this exact spot. It’s outstandingly clean and large enough to fit big crowds on hot days likewise. There are a boardwalk and Morey’s piers to explore. Top this off with a generous amount of motels and beach vendors, and you’ll find access to eating and accommodations if you go for a beach weekend. It’s also a favorite place that locals and non-locals repeat visit year after year. Join Viewcation to explore the best things to do in New Jersey.

Willow Creek Winery

You’ll need to make a reservation for the Willow Creek Winery to enjoy wine tasting and fine dining. Their highlight is a wine-tasting tour, lunch and dinner menus, and even rental cottages at the winery itself. You don’t have to be part of a larger group but this might be a neat idea for more than one couple to visit as a group. Their charcuterie boards are especially romantic when paired with wine tasting. An absolute weekend must for young or mature couples. Join Viewcation to explore the best things to do in New Jersey.

Go wild and crazy

All it takes is to be young at heart when it comes to enjoying outdoor activities in New Jersey. While some ideas are physically challenging, others might just help you to keep fit. You might find that some couple trips will take you to places that make for great photo memories.

Tree to Tree Adventure Park Cape May

Just like it sounds, Tree to Tree Adventure Park is a maze of wobbly bridges, zip lines, and tightrope obstacle courses. It’s great for couples since it tests your agility and climbing strengths, so this will appeal to physically active folks. There is also a free training session before you start your quest. There are also accommodations if you are visiting Cape May that is great for one or two-night stays while exploring this area. Join Viewcation to explore the best things to do in New Jersey.

Jersey Shore Alpacas

How about the perfect afternoon on Jersey Shore that includes feeding and getting photos with some rather friendly Alpacas? It’s by appointment only and keeps your tours private and informative. They even have a gift shop that has cool gifts made from Alpaca hair. If you didn’t think these amazing walking soft plushies have individual personalities, this private tour will be an eye-opener. It’s a trip worth the wait no matter which time of year you go.

Cape May County Park and Zoo

Not bad for a free zoo experience in south New Jersey that accepts donations to help out this zoo park experience. It’s full of animals that are within a zoo that is not too big or too small and makes the afternoon experience feel complete. Another great compliment is that the variety of animals is well-cared for and doesn’t feel like your typical zoo trip. There’s lots of shade all through the trek which gives a well-rounded sense of adventure for any animal-loving couple. Join Viewcation to explore the best things to do in New Jersey.

Elevate your artistic senses

Everyone loves art to some degree, and that also deserves some quality time between two people that might have differing opinions of what art means. When checking out the best things to do in New Jersey for couples, some artistic outlets will create an in-depth conversation with provoking insight into art and style.

Grounds for Sculpture

It’s not just an amazing place for sculptures but a great place for wearing out some rubber heels just exploring this place. There is an app that will help you to navigate the grounds so be sure to research the museum beforehand to get a better layout of what couples can expect. Two hours is an absolute minimum so plan for at least a half day to get a better idea of what to expect from Grounds for Sculpture. Join Viewcation to explore the best things to do in New Jersey.

Princeton University Art Museum

Those who visit the Princeton Museum of Art can expect to see an expansive collection of over 72,000 pieces of art. It’s also a trip back in time that explores the last 5000 years of art for those who are interested in history! Special exhibitions are always a big highlight and are seasonal to keep a regular rotation of special exhibits that are going to be a big hit with seasonal couples. The best part is that it’s free to visit and open all year round.

Newark Museum of Art

Over 80 galleries are cram-packed with art that is certainly world-class in art education and visual entertainment. There is a planetarium that tantalizes the senses and is always worth the time to take in several exhibits that will strike up a conversation among any couple. For some, it may take less than 2-hours to rush through but it’s worth spending all day at this amazing collection of art you wouldn’t expect to reside in New Jersey. Join Viewcation to explore the best things to do in New Jersey.

Romance for young (and old)

A trip to the beach is always a romantic idea and has always been a great destination for couples of all ages. You can bet that each beach setting will offer something slightly different than others, so variety is always a plus if you plan multiple trips each season. Here are three great picks.

Sunset Beach

One great spot that’s located in Cape May gives you an excellent view of Delaware Bay. It’s also the only location that features the remains of the Concrete Ship. There are some stores near this beach and miniature golf as an added perk, but the real deal is the incredible sunsets you can catch over the bay. It’s a favorite for old romantics and young lovers and obviously ideal for taking pictures and lasting memories. Join Viewcation to explore the best things to do in New Jersey.

Ocean City Beach

Another beach-going spot in Cape May is Ocean City beach. This beach is very clean and well-maintained with an added feature of rolling dunes adjoining the beachside. It’s also one of the few beaches that you do need to pay to enjoy but is absolutely worth it. They even have lifeguards on duty and beach chair and umbrella rentals too. Food and entertainment are not far away and you can also find Playland’s Castaway Cove that’s only 0.5 miles on foot.

Belmar Beach and Boardwalk

Some have argued that Belmar is one of the best boardwalk beaches along the Jersey Shore. It features a very quaint little village, a boardwalk onto the water, and amazing beach views. You do need to purchase a beach pass, but it’s one more reason why it’s so popular. Local stores and restaurants will have everything you need to enjoy your stay without the carnival feeling you get from other beach destinations.

Feed your need for fine dining

Finding a memorable eatery in New Jersey isn’t hard except when it comes to the tourist seasons. With that being considered, you’ll need to check on when they are open for business to experience what they have to offer.

Dong Sin Sushi

Open for lunch and dinner Dong Sin features a combination of Chinese and Japanese cuisine and sushi. They also deliver, so if you’re staying locally in Wildwood, you can be sure they have fast delivery service right to your motel. Service is friendly and you get a lot for your money at a very reasonable price.

The Wild Burrito

Another local eatery in Wildwood is the Wild Burrito which is only open during the busier tourist season. Their prices are very attractive and have vegetarian and vegan options available too. It’s Mexican food that is available for brunch, lunch, and dinner. They also provide fast and easy delivery if you’re staying in Wildwood.

The Jellyfish Cafe

If you’re looking for delightful and affordable American-style cafe food, then the Jellyfish Cafe is your best choice. The menu options include breakfast, lunch, and dinner and cater to vegetarian and vegan diners. They also provide gluten-free ingredients for special diets likewise. They feature a very friendly staff and a wonderful atmosphere for dining in.