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Best Restaurants in Studio City, Los Angeles

restaurants in Studio City

Known to most locals as the ‘Jewel of the Valley’, it seems that Studio City has a lot to offer for entertainment. But even the entertainers that live all throughout the valley need to eat too, which is why the best restaurants in Studio City, Los Angeles all have something different to offer. If you’re tripping through La-La Land anytime soon, check out this list of the best bites.

Hippest Restaurants for Trendsetters

If there is one thing about LA restaurants, it’s the allure of trendy joints that can make or break a reputation. But for some evergreen locations, the essential details that keep them on the hip side for popularity is a careful dance that continually evolves to stay in their limelight.

The Front Yard

If you want trendy but certainly not snooty, The Front Yard will put a smile on your face. That features great décor and a menu that checks all the boxes for stylish and classy. Their signature drink bar and service will top off any visit. A reservation ahead of time is recommended since this joint is always popular for all the right reasons.

The Six Chow House

This restaurant can easily fall into the new American Gastropub and makes any fancy brunch visit an experience to repeat soon enough. Their prices are amazingly a lot cheaper than you might expect and offer vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free menu choices. Service is very helpful and friendly with a perfect ambiance without being overly trendy. Join ViewCation to know the details about what are the best restaurants in Studio City, Los Angeles.


If you’re looking for a place that has plenty of hipster vibes, Granville is the place to be. They feature new American dishes that are savory and priced very modestly, to say the least. It’s a rustic setting that doesn’t pretend to be something else either. There is just enough retro-swinger feeling to give any meal a 5-star review.

Great Dining for Romantic Couples

It can be hard for celebs to find a nice secluded restaurant when they want to enjoy a romantic evening without being pestered. These selections aren’t the hardest to find in Studio City but include lots of ambiance for having a meal with plenty of privacy. Join ViewCation to know the details about what are the best restaurants in Studio City, Los Angeles.


They must have hired some movie set designers to make Firefly feel even more authentic than your average dining love nest. They include an exclusive menu with items that meet every kind of diet and ingredients you desire. They even have their signature fried olives that are a great starter. Prices are not overly pricey and the service is superb if you count the immersive atmosphere.

Uovo Restaurant

What makes Uovo classy and romantic is the laid-back farmhouse layout. If you like pasta dishes that are continuously cooked to perfection, their chefs are total masters at their craft. The best part is the closeness that you get with your chef while you can watch your meal being cooked and served. Not exactly so private for some comfort levels but quite inclusive for giving you more sense of importance as a guest. Join ViewCation to know the details about what are the best restaurants in Studio City, Los Angeles.


You don’t get much more romantic and exclusive than a French Bistro restaurant cleverly tucked away in Studio City. Mistral offers classy menu items and private dining for any occasion. It’s also the perfect place to get dressy for the evening and features old-fashioned Italian classics. Don’t expect vegan specialties but they do have veggie dishes on the menu. It’s a cozy and well-priced place that adds to the secluded attention they provide. Join ViewCation to know the details about what are the best restaurants in Studio City, Los Angeles.

Recommended for Families

You have to admit that the best restaurants in Studio City, Los Angeles are filled with more than a few theme restaurants that are absolute tourist traps. If you’re looking for great places that the entire family will enjoy, These 3 choices are hard to beat.

& Waffles

This is perfect for any breakfast or brunch but is not limited to late lunch. The best part is they serve breakfast favorites all day long. It’s great for kids that love pancakes and waffles yet feature smart and healthy sandwiches or burritos. Try their chicken fried steak with your waffle for a heavenly experience. It’s also priced great for families and has so much on the kid’s menu. Join ViewCation to know the details about what are the best restaurants in Studio City, Los Angeles.


If you haven’t had Mediterranean food with a unique Californian profile, you’ll have to visit Spitz. They feature sweet potato fries that are to die for! They also are very family-friendly with food platters that are lively and colorful. They also have an exclusively vegan menu selection that will not disappoint special dietary needs. Prices are also budget minded and there’s loads of room for big or small families.

Hungry Crowd

Perhaps you’ve heard of the new Asian fusion you might not think that this would be a good mix for kids. Actually, they have lots that will be appealing including fried chicken strips, burgers, and even mac and cheese. Service is fast and friendly with many items that are priced accordingly. Moms and dads will love the bottomless mimosas for brunch that help start any day on a happy note.

Top Picks for the Cheapest Eats

If you are frugal when it comes to spending more than you want, it can be hit or miss to find a place that will leave your belly filled. It’s also too risky to find catering food trucks that won’t leave you running for the nearest restroom afterward. Check out these top choices for the tastiest cheap hotspots in Studio City. Join ViewCation to know the details about what are the best restaurants in Studio City, Los Angeles.

Joe’s Falafel

If you are hungry and can’t wait to find a good falafel, Joe’s Falafel is considered the best in town -hands down! It’s dirt cheap food if you’re in the mood for gyros, falafels, and kabobs that won’t leave you hanging for generous portions. There are vegan and vegetarian options too, but the meat is not halal for some eating preferences.

Ohana BBQ

What a great combo that combines the best of Hawaiian and Korean-style barbecue. Their website menu is a real hoot likewise since it’s still the same style that was popular in the early 1990s! If you’re a fan of short ribs and spare ribs, these prices are the best in town. It’s tucked away easily enough but will have you returning again once you try this tasty Hawaiian style.

Hot Motha Clucker 

If you haven’t tried the best-fried pickles in the valley, Hot Motha Clucker isn’t fooling around! They’ve returned back to the valley once again for chicken dishes that will knock your socks off and offer prices that are way better than choosing a random In & Out Burger or fast food joint. They even have a kid’s menu with all the popular menu choices that kids like.