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Best Restaurants in Saint Charles, MO

best restaurants in Saint Charles

Casual dining on a dime

Not every restaurant needs to fill you to the point of bursting and sometimes a sandwich or a salad is all you need to keep going. If you’re into casual dining while visiting Saint Charles, here are some choices for the best restaurants in Saint Charles that are budget friendly with a variety of culinary cultures.

Jafra Mediterranean Restaurant

Some people may argue about Mediterranean food on which shawarma or baklava tastes the best. One of the best-hidden restaurants you’ll find in Saint Charles happens to be affordable and delicious with excellent service all around. You’ll savor the flavors and stick around for their awesome coffee when you take the time to visit this tucked-away delicacy gem.

Sauce on the Side

For those who are looking for a quick bite, Calzones are a little slice of heaven. The upside is that you can wash it down with a variety of cold beers on tap. Prices are very friendly and the service speaks for itself! If there is one place that you’ll recommend to a friend, Sauce on the Side will easily be a link you’ll happily share with others.

Loaded Elevated Nachos

How in the world can you elevate snack time with just an ordinary plate of nachos? You might have a turn of heart with Loaded Elevated Nachos which features menu selections that are generous and affordable. These mini meals hit the spot and have toppings that suit every taste you never imagined was possible.

Fine dining for all budgets

Just like playing poker, you don’t need to go (All-In) when it comes to fine dining. Yet, if you’re looking for an immersive experience that treats you to the finer things in life, there are no exceptions. Here are three top choices for fine dining in Saint Charles.

Tony’s on Main Street

Here’s an American steakhouse that covers all of the dietary needs of vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free eaters with LGBTQIA+-friendly owners. Prices are not over the top but do offer fine dining options. Service is excellent with seating options that are great for indoor and outdoor dining when the weather is not as agreeable.

Fratelli’s Italian Ristorante

An excellent family-owned Italian food restaurant that has a solid reputation that carries over fine dining Italian food in Saint Charles just fine. Dinner is amazing with the service that you come to expect from any 5-star restaurant. Prices are amazingly conservative for such superb Italian favorites. This is a great option for those who are looking for rich and filling Italian favorites.

Bella Vino Wine Bar & Tapas

If you love the upscale elegance of wine bar charm and throw tasty tapas options into that mix, you’ll get Bella Vino Wine Bar & Tapas. Each tapas plate offers something more exotic than the next. It’s a fine dining option that doesn’t fit into the traditional eating experience and is great for those who like variety with plenty of quality wine.

Fun-themed dining for grown-ups

Forget going to the average T.G.I. Fridays or Chili’s restaurant to see the same boring theming with menu options that are just as tiring. When visiting Saint Charles, there are some places where ambiance and décor is part of your meal from start to finish.

Pearls Oyster Bar

You’ll need to go into the Ameristar Casino to find Pearl’s Oyster Bar which primarily serves seafood. They have everything from freshly shucked oysters to Cajun and Creole cuisine. It’s a fun experience with lively theming and serves the freshest oysters on the half-shell and seafood items to die for!

Napoli 3

Napoli 3 is family-owned and is leaning on the upscale side of elegant theming that provides a conservative art deco feeling. It’s also a nice spot to cuddle up at the cocktail bar for amazing mixed drinks and classy service. If you love great Italian food, Napoli 3 is among the best restaurants in Saint Charles, MO which offers ambiance and style for any dining experience.

Tompkin’s Riverside

While the menu items are not all that pricy, the ambiance and decor are simply amazing for an evening out on the town. Recently, they hosted a murder mystery-themed night that may return by the time you decide to visit. On occasion, they also host various events, making an afternoon or evening- feel extra special.

Best choices for kids and parents

Taking the kids to dinner might seem tough if you want to avoid the noise and bother of places like Chuck E. Cheese and arcade-centric pizzerias. Here are some outstanding suggestions that the whole family will enjoy and menu options every kid will love.

Sugarfire Smoke House

This restaurant has won more BBQ competition awards than can be listed here and are a legend within the BBQ circuit! When it comes to family food and BBQ favorites, they have menu options for all ages. There are burgers and shakes for the kids and don’t forget their signature pecan pie that will knock your socks off! The interior is complete with a retro 1950s diner decor that helps to set the mood for great meals all through the day.

Black Bear Diner

Aside from Black Bear Diner is a prominent chain across the US, their Saint Charles location has a unique charm for local families. It’s similar to Cracker Barrel or Denny’s but features home-cooking classics and comfort food. The décor isn’t too cheesy but the service is very nice even though it’s continually busy. They are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and don’t require a reservation for seating.

JJ’s Restaurant

If you like American classics and that kind of service that you could experience back in the 1960s, then- JJ’s is your best family choice. They offer everything from burgers, pizza, and BBQ and they even have car shows in their parking lot every second Saturday of the month! It’s one of the few restaurants that will certainly provide a small hometown feel anytime you dine there. It’s also a local favorite for those who live in Saint Charles for the last decade.