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Best Things to do in Livermore, California

Things to do in Livermore

The San Francisco Bay Area is one of the many locations that draw loads of tourism each year. While most people might have never heard of Livermore, it’s a quant area on the east side of the bay that is full of surprises. It won’t be much of a surprise to find out that some of the best things to do in Livermore are some of the Bay Area’s best-kept secrets!

Wonderfully fine local dining

You’ll hear more about Napa Valley when it comes to fancy dining and complex wines, however, this cannot be further from the truth. If you’re looking to engage yourself in lunch or dinner, here are some suggestions that are certainly worthy to mention.

Posada Restaurant

Combining a contemporary style with southwestern Mexican food is a tough challenge unless you’re Posada’s Restaurant. They are open for brunch, lunch, and dinner and feature specialty additions to their menu such as vegetarian-friendly and vegan-free options. Once more they have gluten-free items as well. The atmosphere is just as fine as their food and service which makes them a top hit with many locals.

Sauced BBQ & Spirits

You might never expect to find a Texas-style BBQ in Livermore with an amazing sauce that will have you coming back for more. Since this BBQ joint is catering to meat-eating folks there are very few choices available on the vegetarian or vegan menu here. Service is great and they even offer their own special craft beer each week. Even though this location doesn’t offer axe throwing (like at their other locations), you won’t miss this quirky option.

Sons of Liberty Alehouse

If you’re looking for true American comfort food, Sons of Liberty Alehouse is your best choice. They offer a wide variety of dishes from fried chicken sandwiches to pork chops and many types of burgers and sides to boot. They’re open for lunch and dinner and have an awesome selection of cocktails. They do not have many options for vegans or vegetarians since American comfort food is typically meat-based.

Natural and peaceful surroundings

Livermore is a complex area that enjoys warmer weather than most of the Bay Area. This makes any trip to Livermore parks and reserves much more enjoyable for an afternoon of relaxation. They are also the perfect setting for a picnic for adventurous couples looking to get away for a day.

Sycamore Grove Regional Park

Here is a nice little park that is filled with walking and hiking trails and plenty of interesting sights along the way. What makes this park stand out is that it has the last remaining grove of western Sycamore trees in the world! There is also a wide range of wildlife that you can see everywhere you look all throughout the park. There is no charge to enter the park and makes a wonderful spot for afternoon hiking and creek-side picnics.

Brushy Peak Regional Preserve

If you are especially active and like hiking on a moderate trail loop, Brushy Peak has a lot to offer. The hiking loop is a total of 7.2 kilometers and features rolling hills and breathtaking views of the valley. It’s also great for mountain biking and is also dog-friendly if you keep them on their leash. If you enjoy horseback riding this trail also accommodates horses if you bring them to this preserve as well.

Del Valle Regional Park

Here’s one of the few regional parks that allow camping and complete RV hookups. The lake allows swimming and boating and even has a boat rental for those who are in Del Valle. There is a fee to stay at the park for each day and is quite minimal at just $6 per day. They even have cabin rentals when they are available. It’s a great location for those who enjoy camping and rangers even sell firewood for the campfires right out of their trucks!

Learn a bit about something new (or old)

There are some facts that you just might never have believed are true or can be seen in person- all around Livermore. That’s just one of the nice perks about California and the Bay Area that you don’t read about often enough. Wait until you see these amazing locations!

Ravenswood Historic Site

While this spot is very popular for weddings and special events, the 1850s-built Ravenswood mansion is fully-restored and also a historic building that’s worth seeing in person. You can have a free tour of the house with a costumed tour guide but you’ll need to go on the second and fourth Sunday of each month. Another highlight is their famous Ice-Cream Social and Victorian Yuletide event that occurs in August and December

The Centennial Light Bulb

If you’re looking for bright ideas, there is one Firehouse in Livermore that has one of the oldest light bulbs that is still working to this day. It’s over 120 years old and is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest working light bulb in the world. You can get a complete tour of the fire station depending on who is on hand at the firehouse. If you like oddball history, this is one spot that is worth checking out.

Livermore Shiva-Vishnu Temple

What are the chances of finding a very iconic Hindu temple in Livermore? Even if you aren’t a devoted worshiper of the Hindu religion, this temple will top off any visit to Livermore leaving you with a feeling of peace and calmness. Depending on the time of year, some Hindu festivals and events occur throughout each month. The exterior of the temple is decorated with ornate decor and deities devoted to the Hindi religion.

Taste some of Livermore’s finest wines

It just wouldn’t be Californian enough to add something about local wines. And though youll find dozens of wineries in Livermore, only a handful have earned a place on this list to be worth mentioning. This section is certainly some of the best things to do in Livermore on your next trip.

Darcie Kent Vineyards

If you enjoy wine tasting that will also be highly educational on different kinds of wine Darcie Kent is a great place for first-timers. At her vineyard, she often hosts many wine-tasting events where food and entertainment are available likewise. You can further bring your own food for a picnic and enjoy a $20 wine-tasting afternoon indoors or outdoors. Darcie also is a great host and really knows her wines for both experienced and novice visitors.

Steven Kent Winery

Not to be confused with Darcie Kent (no relation), as you’ll find the Steven Kent Winery is yet another great example of wine tasting. Steven holds his tasting events in the Barrel Room and will give you a great introduction and tasting of lineage wines. It’s the closest thing you’ll get to Napa Valley quality wine with expert attention from the winery staff. If you’re a fan of red wine, this wine-tasting stop should be on your list.

Concannon Vineyard

For an experience that includes a historic house visit, a marvelous well-kept estate and garden, and outstanding wine tasting, Concannon Vineyard should be on your list. It’s one of the oldest wineries in Livermore and will not disappoint. You can enjoy tastings indoors or outdoors and even bring your own picnic basket for days when you want to enjoy great weather outside. It’s also a prime spot to bring groups of friends and couples for a fine wine experience.