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Best Muffalettas in New Orleans

muffalettas in New Orleans

If you’re visiting the city of New Orleans, one of the things that you need to try out for yourself is the muffalettas in New Orleans! The muffaletta is a unique culinary creation that originated out of New Orleans’ French Quarter, and many of the best places to get it are still located in or around the area. If you’re curious about where to get your hands on some of the best examples of this traditional French Quarter sandwich, join us as we attempt to find the best muffalettas in New Orleans.

Napoleon House

If you’re new to the concept of muffalettas and are looking to experience a classical example of the New Orleans sandwich, a great place to start is the Napoleon House! The Napoleon House is a popular New Orleans location that consists of both a restaurant and an incredibly classy bar. We’ll be focusing on the restaurant side of the Napoleon House in this article, because that’s where you’ll find the muffalettas. The muffaletta is just one of several traditional offerings that you’ll find being served at the Napoleon House, with some of the location’s other culinary offerings including a fancier take on the venerable po’ boy sandwich.

At the Napoleon House, you can get a muffaletta for only around $15, and the sandwich is big enough that you can easily split it between two people. The restaurant’s muffalettas come complete with three types of meat, as well as two types of Italian cheese. The three types of meat are pastrami, salami, and ham. Every muffaletta served is topped with the Napoleon House’s house-made olive salad.

Alberto’s Cheese & Wine Bistro

Another great New Orleans location offering up traditional muffaletta sandwiches to diners is Alberto’s Cheese & Wine Bistro. In addition to muffalettas, Alberto’s also offers it’s namesake cheese and wine, as well as plenty of other staples that fit right in within New Orleans’ French Quarter.

DiMartino’s Famous New Orleans Muffalettas

DiMartino’s Famous New Orleans Muffalettas is a location that focuses on muffalettas to the point where the New Orleans-style sandwich is right in the restaurant’s name! The most popular offering at DiMartino’s Famous New Orleans Muffalettas goes by the name of the “Star of the Show”, which is a traditional muffaletta with house-made dressing and olive salad on the side. Those who are on the hungrier side can order the muffaletta platter, which features a muffaletta in addition to a hearty side.

Creole House

The Creole House is an eatery that offers authentic Cajun cuisine, and it sells a take on the muffaletta that’s exceptionally tasty! The restaurant also offers up a whole host of other creole offerings, so there are numerous reasons to visit this beloved New Orleans eatery.


DiMartino’s has been a New Orleans staple since the mid-1970s. The restaurant opened up it’s doors in 1975, and it’s become one of the most popular locations in the city for muffalettas in the decades since. One of the great things about DiMartino’s is that it has several locations throughout the state of Louisiana, so those outside the city proper can get an authentic muffaletta without venturing into it!

Central Grocery

Central Grocery is a location that can be found right in the middle of New Orleans’ French Quarter, which makes it’s muffalettas close to the heart of the region in more ways than one. Central Grocery isn’t the fanciest place in the world, but the muffalettas that it offers are some of the best that you’ll find in the city. From the outside looking in, Central Grocery may seem like a simple and unassuming deli. However, the muffalettas are truly out of this world.’

Cafe Amelie

Cafe Amelie first opened up to the public back in 2005, and it has garnered a reputation over the ensuing years for being a favorite muffaletta stop amongst French Quarter locals. One of the things that makes this eatery stand out amongst the competition, outside of it’s incredible muffalettas, is the atmosphere. Cafe Amelie has a quaint little courtyard that will make your muffaletta-eating experience all the more enjoyable. In the relatively short time that the eatery has been around, it’s become a beloved staple of the region.

Cochon Butcher

As it’s name may imply, Cochon Butcher is a restaurant that knows it’s meats! The eatery is styled after an old-timey meat market, and you’ll find some exceptional varieties of flesh being offered, with all of them being in-house cuts and creations. Cochon Butcher also knows what it’s doing when it comes to muffalettas, as their muffalettas are some of the best that you’ll find being offered anywhere in New Orleans.

Besides meat and New Orleans-style sandwiches, Cochon Butcher also offers it’s diners an impressive array of wines and sides. It’s prices are relatively reasonable, and it’s one of the preeminent places to visit in the area if you’re into fancy meats! The fact that it offers up one of the finest takes on the traditional muffaletta sandwich is simply a bonus.

Welty’s Deli

Last but not least, let’s take a look at the New Orleans staple by the name of Welty’s Deli. Like Central Grocery, Welty’s Deli is an eatery that looks like just another deli from the outside, but you’ll know the true power of this awesome restaurant once you taste their muffalettas! The meats that comprise the muffalettas at Welty’s Deli are salami, ham, and motadella. These meats are then topped with provolone cheese, as well as the deli’s house-made olive salad.

The nine restaurants that we’ve taken a look at in this article are unquestionably some of the best places in New Orleans to try out muffaletta sandwiches! Whether you’re looking for a fancy dining experience with a pairing of wine or would prefer to grab a mouth-watering muffaletta from an unassuming deli, we hope that you’ll find the perfect dining experience for you based upon the recommendations above. The muffaletta sandwich is a New Orleans staple that all visitors need to experience for themselves!