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Best Things to Do in Cypress, Texas

things to do in Cypress

Cypress is only half an hour from Houston, yet you might find yourself wondering- what are the best things to do in Cypress, Texas when you’re in town. Well, there are plenty of enriching activities that Cypress has to offer that will be family-friendly and centrally located. Here’s a great list of fun possibilities that you’ll be interested to learn about.

Great food no matter what time of day

When in Cypress, you’re going to need some energy to keep going all day long. You don’t need to overstuff yourself with these fine choices that will satisfy every taste once you’re in town. The best part is that these choices all offer something different for couples, families, and friends who love eating.

Season’s Harvest Cafe

If you enjoy Farm-to-Table dining, Season’s Harvest is the ultimate solution. They generously include vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options on their menu likewise. They offer old-fashioned American cafe food with plenty of friendly services included. You can’t ask for the freshest flavors that come straight from their homestead farm either.

Gringo’s Mexican Kitchen

The name of the place should be a direct clue, but unless you understand Spanish, the menu here is strictly Tex-Mex. The service is top-notch and provides out-of-state military discounts to boot! They tend to get packed at major eating times so it’s best to make a reservation beforehand to ensure good seating.

Cypress Breakfast House

You can be sure that this is one breakfast house that’s open for breakfast, brunch, and lunch! Prices are very reasonable and service is just as fast for the variety of American classic options you can enjoy. Alternative options including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free are always provided for special dietary requests without any problem at all.

Longhorn Steakhouse

It’s hard to find a good steakhouse these days without hitting a few bumps here and there. Longhorn Steakhouse provides the perfect combination of excellent service and satisfying food for all members of your family. There is something for everyone if you’re a fan of steakhouse menu options and table service that is hard to beat elsewhere in town. They don’t have vegetarian or vegan options either, which might not be suitable for certain diet restrictions.

Indulge your personal interests

Sure, there are plenty of things to do in Houston but why spend so much time on the road when Cypress has plenty to offer. Here you can find an afternoon of relaxation and indulgence that will also stimulate your senses without blowing your budget!

Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Art

You never know what exhibitions will be arranged at the Pearl Fincher Museum since there is a new installation each season. Admission is free however adults are encouraged to donate $5 to the museum in appreciation of art. Some installations are also interactive and they do offer virtual tours to give you a taste of what’s current! This way, you can decide if this museum experience is right for your tastes.

Cypress Academy of Performing Arts

This is perfect if you’re a parent that is looking for something local in Cypress that will keep your little ones busy and looking for a Parent’s Day Out. It’s perfect for kids 3 and up for 4 hours of tumbling, games, and loads of fun for active tots. You don’t need to be a member and it is perfect if you’re visiting the area for the day and need some quiet time.

Little Beakers Science Lab for Kids at Cypress

Finding family-friendly activities that aren’t mindless pizzeria and video game tourist traps are hard to find. Thankfully, Little Beaker’s offers both a parent and young child a discovery lesson that is entertaining and educational. You set the amount of time you want to spend and Little Beakers does the rest with pure science fun that’s very interactive. All of their experiments will involve lab aprons, goggles, and notebooks for an immersive experience for all.

Painting with a Twist

This is a great couple’s retreat, girl’s afternoon out, or adult group activity that brings out your artistic side. Even if you can’t paint, draw, or feel artsy, this is one wild wine-tasting event that will have you laughing and creating a one-of-a-kind keepsake that you’ll treasure for years! The instructors are genuinely easygoing and make any art session feel like being a kid again. If you like quirky fun, this is one of the best things to do in Cypress, Texas for a few hours.

Fresh air and outdoor parks

A little fresh air never hurt anyone when it comes to taking a walk or spending some time outdoors. Here are some local parks that are calm and cozy which is just what the doctor ordered.

Matzke Park Butterfly Garden

While many amenities are also part of Matzke Park, the butterfly garden is always a big hit with adults and kids. There are plenty of walking trails and exercise stations along the way to stretch your legs. It offers playing fields for soccer and cricket for grassy fun. There are plenty of covered picnic tables with grassy fields on all sides too.

Bud Hadfield Park

This is a fine 54-acre park that’s open for free to the public and features an 18-hole disc golf course for those who love disc golf (or Frisbee golf). Bring your Aerobie or flying discs of your choice, this course will truly test your throwing skills! There is also a nice trail that goes with the park itself but (keep in mind) there are no restrooms or drinking fountains, so you’ll need to bring everything you need for an afternoon.

Cypress Park

Cypress Park is perfect for long strolls and afternoon picnics that are spread over 165 acres of paved trails. The park is free and has convenient free parking across the street. You’ll also find two bridges that you can cross and a playground with swings for the kids. There are also clean public restrooms and plenty of unspoiled nature to see all around the 1.5-mile trail loop.

Lakewood Crossing Park

Here is one of the few local parks that are considered the best by locals that take you away from the city right away. The park features many trails and plentiful shade trees along the path. There are also lots of picnic tables for afternoon picnics in between but keep in mind they don’t have restrooms there. It’s as close to nature as you’ll get when you visit this park for a few hours that doesn’t involve leaving Cypress for an immersive park experience.

Live for the day, a little bit different

When going on any fun trip, a little mental stimulation is always important to keep you on your toes. These activities can improve your thinking abilities while providing some problem-solving that takes your mind off of everyday stress that’s around you.

TXR Paintball

If you’re a fan of paintball, this is a well-rounded experience that supplies everything you need for the day. They have 6 fields and many options for gear and game styles. The Refs are very fair and make each game fun even if you’ve never played before. You can also bring your own drinks, food, and snacks as you like. This business is 100% family-owned and very friendly and informative for all visitors. They even have a free safety presentation for newbies.

Hot Wells Shooting Range

Well, if you had to ask, Texas is an Open Carry state, so if you enjoy your constitutional rights and like firing ranges, Hot Wells offers bargain ranges. They are very strict on safety and experts on advice in the last few years too. They even have a skeet shooting area that offers a clay disc for target practice. They offer ammo but no rifle or handgun rentals, so you must bring your own handgun or long rifle along with your current permit and carry info.

Cypress Lakes Golf Club

This is a public golf course that does require advance registration before you go. It’s well worth the effort since it features an 18-hole course that is designed to be fun and challenging for golf players of all levels. Their pro shop is expertly staffed and further provides a driving range, putting green, and every essential you need for an afternoon of golfing fun. They provide carts, beverages, and beer by the case. The course greens are also expertly well-kept!

Escapology Escape Room Cypress

When looking for a real challenge that’s fun in a group, you have to admit that escape rooms are certainly thrilling. Recently opened in Cypress is a totally new location by the bigger franchise parent company Escapology, and features 5 individual escape rooms! Playing time is just 1 hour for each or until you run out of time… They feature Scooby-Doo and the Haunted Castle, Antidote, Th3 Cod3, Lost City, and Mansion Murder.

You’ll be glad to know that the game masters make each experience different, so even if you’ve been to a similar Escapology room before, it’s never the same outcome! Come for an afternoon or evening of pure mystery, suspense, and mind-bending crime-solving.