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Best Things to do in Berkeley Springs, WV

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If you’ve never heard of Berkeley Springs before, you can thank this historical town for being the very first in the country to establish medicine springs (aka mineral bath spas) in 1747! But when looking for the best things to do in Berkeley Springs, WV for a day or two, the results are more than skin-deep. Here are fine examples of amazing spots you should make time to visit!

Local hospitality and hearty bites

The slogan for West Virginia might be Montana Semperi Libri’ (Mountaineers are Always Free) but when it comes to good eats- Berkeley Springs features some outstanding establishments for good eating that obviously isn’t on the house’…

Lot 12 Public House

Easily considered a romantic and classy restaurant with a generous selection of meats and seafood dishes, Lot 12 is certainly a 5-star experience. The service is outstanding and the meals are upscale, to say the least. If you’re a stickler for fine dining, this cozy retreat at Berkeley Springs should be on your bucket list but be sure to make room for their signature desserts!

Fairfax Coffee House & Eatery

If you love avocado toast to classic breakfast bagels with your morning cup of coffee, then Fairfax Coffee House & Eatery is the best choice. It’s great for kids and alternative diet diners including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free specialties. Their selection of organic coffee will impress the most scrutinizing of coffee critics too! Be sure to get your daily jolt here- first.

Canary Grill

It’s no secret that they used to use canaries in the coal mines to detect dangerous gas back in the old days, but Canary Grill is by far- no warning sign for American-style sandwich bar food! It can be busy so reservations are recommended ahead of time. They offer a wide variety of options for everyone so nothing is left to chance and features very affordable prices.

A trip into West Virginia’s past

West Virginia has been famously known to be the old stomping grounds for a particular first President (George Washington), so obviously, Berkeley Springs will feature some amazing historical sights. Come and find out what makes this town so special and even see if your ‘Holler’ relatives have a connection to this little-known gem of the Appalachian Mountains.

Museum of the Berkeley Springs

Located right inside Berkeley Springs State Park, this is a free museum for all when it’s open to the public. You can further add a donation (if you forget to be patriotic) but don’t expect to see a massive amount on display. It’s a must-see that’s filled with the story of Berkeley Springs and plenty of photo ops to share once you arrive.

Morgan County Observatory

This observatory is not typically open to the public but you can arrange for a private tour and visit through Facebook or call ahead of time to reserve your visit. If you really love seeing the stars (and not the Hollyweird types), a scheduled visit will be worth more than a few hours of astronomical amazement! They also provide snacks and incredible views of our universe.

Morgan County History and Genealogy Association

This isn’t an official museum but instead is conveniently located at the Morgan County Public Library. They can trace any relatives you may have had in West Virginia using a computer search for free and provides original and official copies for just $10 per document. They detail Morgan County with records dating back to 1762 to the present.

Gorgeous nature at its best

Do you love incredible views within the Appalachian Mountains that all offer various hiking trails and built-in natural comfort? Some of the best things to do in Berkeley Springs, WV are natural as they get. Come and walk in the steps where President Washington, Lewis and Clarke, and many other American Icons all made their mark!

Berkeley Springs State Park

Aside from the park being historical, it features a very unique Roman-style bath house. Well, George Washington and many others of European descent knew of the value of natural spring water baths. These waters are naturally warm and have mineral abilities to heal nearly anything that aches your bones. The park is small and there is a nominal parking fee of $8.

Cacapon State Park

This is one state park that features a lodge where you can stay, a challenging golf course within the park, and an amazingly good restaurant. There are lakes and waterfalls along with trails and activities to spend a picture-perfect weekend all within the park itself. If you enjoy a real spa treatment, this is where you should book your time to get the most from Berkeley Springs.

Prospect Overlook (aka Washington Heritage Trail)

They say that you never really experience fall until you visit West Virginia at the tail end of summer into October and November. From this viewpoint, you can see three individual US States from Prospect Overlook also has an important connection to the Civil War that was used by military commanders.

Memorable places that make great photos too

Looking to update your dusty Facebook or Instagram photos? You can get the most of these famous spots that made history centuries ago become relevant again- with your next visit to Berkley Springs.

George Washington’s Bathtub

Ole’ Georgie used to be an assistant land surveyor in his younger days when he was only 16! When he experienced the warm waters in town, he took it one step further by buying property in town to make spa bathing ‘a thing’ back in 1748. Talk about being a trendsetter, you can visit his famous outdoor bathtub and share that memory with others. It’s also free!

Berkeley Springs Castle

If you would like to see and visit an authentic English Castle that was completed in late 1887 and once owned by Colonel Samuel Taylor of Maryland, this is a must-see! They don’t do tours anymore but will gladly be open to special bookings including events and weddings. This castle isn’t haunted but it’s the perfect place to spook up some high spirits if you have a good budget.

MAC Ice House (aka Morgan Arts Council)

MAC Ice House is an all-inclusive art center of Berkeley Springs that features artist galleries, performances, and crafts of all kinds. It’s one of the few places where you can get involved in making art upon reserving some time at their expansive building that used to be (what else), an Ice House where people bought blocks of ice before there were fridges.